Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baseball Dana

Hello mates it gives me immense pleasure to introduce the best things to best people.Recently i had come across this interesting website and a blog which is for Angels & Dodgers fan .One of the primary reasons why Los Angeles was awarded an American League expansion franchise for the 1961 season was because actor/singer turned broadcast mogul Gene Autry wanted to secure radio broadcast rights for the newly planned Los Angeles American League franchise. His KMPC (710 AM, now KSPN) was the radio home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, from the time they arrived from Brooklyn, New York in time for the 1958 baseball season, and actually came away from the 1960 Winter Meetings with his own team.Angels baseball is one of the famous among the baseball fans.

Dana Bashor's Baseball Fan site provides you with almost all the important updates which happens regularly.Also Dana's music channel  has become  one among the prominent lovable music channel among the fans. I remember watching the Dodgers with my dad and brothers when I was young and growing up in the valley.  Now I am an Angels fan, but I still love the Dodgers too, it’s just that I have lived in OC for quite sometime now and the Angels are my local team.

Hopefully I can share  some great baseball banter with other baseball fans. Looking forward to it!!!!  Also don’t forget to drop by the blog and leave a comment of your favorite baseball moment.So log on to the site and get the maximum!Cheers !

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