Monday, May 31, 2010

Liverpool Are Still Massive

Anfield legend Alan Hansen has declared that reports of Liverpool's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Reports of Anfield in crisis have been emanating since last year, when the Reds' season started to implode and news of financial problems made its way into the public sphere.

Former greats of the club seem to be split down the middle about the Merseysiders' prospects in the near future. Hansen is firmly in the bullish camp.

Speaking to Radio City he said: "Liverpool are still Liverpool - they're still massive and they still have the greatest support in the world.

"Liverpool have got to forget what's gone before and concentrate on what's ahead of them.

"It's going to be difficult but I'd look at 1986-87 when Everton won the league and we came second. I knew we were a long way short. Kenny Dalglish knew that too and he brought in Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge, Spackman and Houghton.

"That turned it around like you'd never believe. We went from not being nearly good enough to being a great side.

"Hopefully that can happen to this Liverpool side because they've got some great players. If they can just get two or three more in who can do a job."

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